Why Yellow Font is Trending?

Yellow font trend is eye-catching and gives off the impression of an aesthetic and clear outlook

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Last updated on Jul 06, 2023, at 02:41 pm IST

Posted on Jul 06, 2023, at 12:41 pm IST

Colour is all around us. Colour is an essential part of our lives.
Out of the 10 million colours that humans can identify, why do most people use the yellow font as their favourite font for videos, reels, and shorts across all formats of social media?

Have you ever wondered why most creators use the yellow font as their first choice? 
Let's find out why. 
Yellow is associated with joy, naivety, and energy. When you think of the colour yellow, sunshine is likely the first association that comes to mind.
Brands that want to appear friendly, approachable, and fun often choose a yellow font. 
Colour plays an important role in a brand's marketing strategy. It differentiates a product from its competitors, influences the moods and feelings of the audience, and helps shape a certain attitude towards the brand.

The yellow font trend is eye-catching and gives off the impression of an aesthetic and clear outlook. According to the "Impact of Color on Marketing" study, up to 90% of the initial assessment of a product is based on colours alone, and the first impression is often the strongest one.
Brands often use yellow to represent cheerfulness, fun, logic, and fast movement. Yellow is difficult to overlook, and Snapchat, for example, uses its signature yellow in all types of social videos, including educational ones.

Nowadays, most users prefer a black theme. When you add a yellow font to your videos, it highlights specific details that you want viewers to focus on. Yellow is the most bright colour to use when adding it to your Instagram reels or YouTube shorts.

Stay tuned for more secrets to stand out from others.

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